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interpWe provide correct and quality translation and interpretation services for hospitals, insurance companies, doctor's offices, government bodies, import/export companies, legal firms, Courts, marketing houses and countless of others. As far as rates are concerned, ABU INC has some of the most competitive rates in the global market place.

Translation of written documents is a subjective field because there are multiple ways of expressing the same point in any language. The translation process entails much more than converting text from one language to another; good translation actually focuses on conveying the meaning of the original text in a clear and culturally relevant manner. For this reason, computer translations often miss the mark because computers cannot recognize context, slang, or acronyms. Trained translators with subject matter expertise, on the other hand, are able to understand the document fully in its original language and convey the same shades of meaning and context in the target language.

ABU INC decreases linguistic and cultural barriers for people through:
• Document translation
• ON-SITE interpretation
• Telephonic interpretation
• Transcription
• Translation and localization
• Language assessments
• Education and training
• Voice over


ABU INC provides all-inclusive professional translation services in more the 45+ different languages. Our skilled language translators are professional and native speakers of your target language. Our services include document translation, Certified translations, Websites, Voice Talent, Transcription, and Subtitling.

We specialize in the fields such as, but not limited to:
• Healthcare
• Insurance
• Law enforcement
• Legal
• Academic
• Communications
• Technical
• Science
• Marketing
• Marriage certificates
• Diplomas and school transcripts
• Personal correspondence

Language guruABU INC provides high quality translation services in over 45 languages. We also offer certified translations as well as transcriptions and translations of audio files.

AT ABU INC the translation process involves translation project managers overseeing your translation project from start to finish. ABU INC translators are native speakers of the languages they work with and are certified by or members of big organizations. Translation project managers will carefully select a translator for your project based on his or her experience and areas of expertise.

Our quality guarantee means each translation project undergoes a four point quality review including proofreading, editing, formatting and content review by our team of translators, editors and translation project managers.

ABU INC has grown from strength to extra strength with a database of translators covering more languages and dialects spoken widely over the entire world.

ABU INC is able to translate any type of text:
• legal
• medical
• business
• government
• insurance
• finance
• entertainment
• human resources
• and travel


In-person communication is almost always the best practice that providers can use when working with limited English Proficiency (LEP) individuals, making it the preferred interpreting method for our clients. This can be done in few different ways.

Simultaneous interpretation: which is complete, word for word translation at near speaking speed.
Consecutive interpretation: which divides speech into smaller sections at the time of translation.
Whispering interpretation: in which the interpreter whispers the translation into the individual's ear at near speaking speed.
which involves condensing the spoken information to provide overall meaning.
Sight translation: which is the oral translation of a written text or document.

Our interpreters are trained and experienced in a variety of fields including:
• medical care
• mental health
• law
• education
• government
And a variety of other industries

We provide face-to-face interpretation in over 45 languages. The interpreters we work with are carefully selected based on their experience and level of professionalism. At ABU INC, we understand that our interpreters not only represent our organization, but they represent our clients as well. That is why we hold our interpreters to very high professional standards.

Our quality assurance guarantees that ABU INC interpreters:
• Are comfortable working in a variety of settings including courts, medical and social services
• Have been trained in professional ethics and standards of practice
• Have signed confidentiality agreements

ABU INC can meet all your interpreting needs including:interpreter
• Conference
• Depositions
• Hearings
• Client meetings
• Arbitrations
• Medical appointments
• Employee interviews
• Recorded Statements
• Training
And much more

ABU INC follows the code of ethics and National standards of practice of the national council on interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC).

Interpreting is not as simple as just having any language service provider available in your organization. Effective delivery of language services is not just about languages. It is about understanding the culture and values of your diverse clients' population. It is about being a valuable part of your organization, not a nuisance. That is where ABUINC makes a difference by partnering with the industry-best language service specialists.

Language assessments:

As one of the leading providers of language services, ABUINC has dedicated itself to the cause of linguistic accuracy and excellence. Therefore, we are glad to offer language assessments to both individual interpreters and clients, which test their accuracy and proficiency level in any of our available languages. By doing so, our goal of closing language learning barriers with the best possible care and attention available is achieved in all of the industries we serve. In addition, we can customize any assessment to a particular client or interpreter, based upon the industry of their choice, with the purpose of giving them targeted feedback for improvement, if deemed necessary.

We can provide language assessments in the following areas:
• Medical
• Legal
• Law enforcement
• Social services
• Schools
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