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Does your language services provider work for you?

The translation and interpretation industry has evolved significantly over the last decade or more. This has led to the creation of several language services companies, with varying levels of quality services.

Are you working with a partner that is committed to the language industry and understand the unique demands your client's population can present? How satisfied are you with your current provider? Have you asked your frontline staff what kind of problems they have?

You may assume that all language service providers are alike. However, picking the wrong provider may harm your organization with poor service levels, compliance issues, or unsatisfied clients.

Why choose ABU INC?

1. Fast turnaround and delivery of translated documents
2. Guaranteed professional quality
3. Competitive rates
4. Estimates within 24 hours
5. Over 20 years of experience
6. Compliance in the medical care, law, and mental health industries
7. Over 45+ languages


Beside our many language experts based in the United States and Canada, we also have linguists in other countries. Hence when you require a translator or interpreter, through our resource pool spread globally we can locate the right people to get your work done.

We are experts in language skills. With the unprecedented rise in the population and with all people now living in a global village, the need for an unprejudiced, professional workforce of translators and interpreters is felt among us all. More and More Companies and organizations, both from public and private sectors are signing up with us for our services.


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