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Accuracy builds understanding

As an integrated cultural and diversity consulting and language company, ABU INC understands both sides of the culturally competent conversation, the practicalities of running a successful and compliant healthcare or legal business, as well as the realities and needs of diverse people. That understanding comes from leaders who are truly passionate and who are experts in their field.

Few things are more important than being understood, and with ABU INC as your partner you can be confident that what is being said is what is being heard. Break down the cultural and language barriers that stand in your way so that you can focus on the details, not the dialects.
ABU INC is an interpretation and translation company based in the United States of America. ABU INC is built on the principles of delivering quality performance, outstanding rates and reliable services.

Our company offers the best translation and interpretation services to suit your needs. Our diversified language range continues to grow as we provide valuable services to all 50 states and Puerto Rico. We have an efficient quality control and invoicing system. These advantages allow us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients

In this world of Internet globalization, it is essential for your business to expand to meet the demands of a multicultural society. ABU INC can help you achieve that goal by helping you translate all of your business advertising and products into any language you may need.

TranslatorOur Translators/ Interpreters are qualified, or certified by one of the following organizations:

1. Certification commission for healthcare interpreters (CCHI}
2. National board of certification for medical interpreters (CMI}
3. American translators association (ATA}
4. National center for state courts (NCSC)
5. Bridging the gap
6. Certification from accredited colleges and universities.
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